A Point of Sale Cloud in WooCommerce

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Finally, a Point of Sale plugin for WooCommerce

A Point of Sale system that’s as fast (and beautiful) as you

When you’ve got a line of customers waiting each second can feel like an hour, your Point of Sale system needs to respond instantly.

WooCommerce POS is built for speed. Your product inventory is stored locally for lightening fast searching and filtering. The WooCommerce cart has been rewritten in javascript and moved client-side which allows instant feedback when you add, remove or adjust products.


No monthly fees

Just like WordPress and WooCommerce, WooCommerce POS is a self-hosted solution. You own your data with no monthly fees.


Always in sync

WooCommerce POS uses the same database as your online store. Whether you make a sale online or in your store – your inventory is always in sync.


The missing piece

WordPress + WooCommerce are a powerful combination for online retail. WooCommerce POS is the missing piece of the puzzle for store owners.


Interface Demo at http://id.woopos.com.au/pos


Finally, a Point of Sale plugin for WooCommerce! Sell online and in your physical retail store – no monthly fees, no need to sync inventory.


  • WooCommerce >= 2.1.0

WooCommerce POS uses IndexedDB to persist the product database on your computer or device. IndexedDB is currently a ‘Candidate Recommendation’ specification by the W3C and is not implemented by all browsers. To see if your browser is compatible please check caniuse.com.

If your browser does not support IndexedDB, WooCommerce POS will fallback to using the product database on your server via the WooCommerce REST API. The Point of Sale system will still function but searching and filtering will be slower. Some planned features for WooCommerce POS will also only be available for browsers that support IndexdedDB.

** For the best experience please use a modern browser such as Chrome **



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You can see a demo of the WooCommerce POS plugin in action by going to http://id.woopos.com.au/pos with login/pass : demo/demo



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